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Arc Flash studies can help improve plant safety by identifying specific arc flash hazard at a given piece of equipment. READ MORE.

Arc Flash Safety

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Step-by-Step Guide to Performing Arc Flash Studies

Did you know that approximately five burns a day are treated in North America due to arc flash hazards? An effective safety program, which includes an arc flash study, can substantially reduce risk for employees working with live equipment.

Performing an arc flash study – including calculations – can be a daunting task. Our new e-book, “Engineering Challenges of Performing Accurate Arc Flash Studies,” provides a step-by-step guide for performing arc flash studies. Each step has its own criteria for data input, analysis and data output.

In this 15-page e-book, we’ve used tables and software screenshots to help you understand:

  • Why is Doing an Arc Flash Study so Important?
  • Overall Concerns and Challenges
  • Industry Standards
  • Detailed Breakdown of Each Step
  • Analysis of Data
  • Common Mistakes


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