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Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems


Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems

PCX manufactures prefabricated electrical power distribution systems in scalable modular formats integrated for site specific electrical & mechanical requirements. PCX solutions provide the highest value, through quality with flexible design & reliable interconnections in “right sized” form factors ensuring environment, safety, and warranty are factored into every design. Systems have been delivered to every state and many countries. Systems are employed inside and outdoors from the arctic to the equator. Designs range from renewable power and battery storage in the earthquake prone desert southwest  to customized enclosures outside in Alaska.

The demand and capacity to produce and distribute reliable electric power has consistently increased since Edison’s light bulb and the first central generating plant on Pearl Street in NYC in the late 1800’s. Today, affordable, sustainable, energy and power must also be clean and secure. Irreversible exponential growth of new products and applications  has changed the electrical distribution landscape. Value is enhanced with distributed energy resources, scalable, configurable designs, dependable interconnections, and advanced smaller modular footprints.

PCX FLX– product modules are designed and prebuilt in our factory and shipped for immediate installation anywhere in the world.

PCX Customized Prebuilt Solutions

Delivering Predictive Profitability®

Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems - Integrated Switchboards

PCX FLX-Power™ custom integrated switchboards are designed to save critical floor space for the building owner, and are factory prebuilt and tested to save valuable installation time for the contractor.

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Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems: Electrical Distribution Centers

Prewired PCX electrical distribution centers (EDC) manufactured offsite offer many advantages over conventional stick-built solutions.

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Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems; Modular Data Centers

PCX’s modular data centers (MDC) will lower the total cost of ownership for your next data center because they are scalable by design, will accelerate your construction cycle and can reduce your power usage effectiveness (PUE).

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Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems: Power Equipment Centers

PCX’s power equipment centers (PEC) are designed for the most demanding applications where durability, weatherability and structural integrity are paramount.

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