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Modular Data Centers

PCX Modular Solutions Are Cost-Effective and Efficiently Accommodate Growth

Modular Data Centers (MDCs) are today evolving as an alternative to traditional data centers. Years of experience in the market has allowed PCX to develop its proprietary offering, the FLX-MDC™.   With FLX-MDC™ solutions, PCX can help businesses decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase their overall computing performance by optimum utilization of all the essential equipment of a data center such as; IT server racks/towers, network components, power system, cooling system, fire suppression, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Power Distribution Units (PDU), and monitoring and management tools.

Prebuilt in an offsite facility as a single unit, these modules are mobile, flexible, scalable, and can be deployed quickly as a turnkey solution or a plug and play unit. The enclosures are standardized by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to meet environmental standards and operate continually in rugged weather conditions. The modules can be customized from a single rack to multiple racks depending upon the customer’s requirements. MDCs are packaged per locational design requirements, and offered in several form factors: Skid Mounted Modules, Containers (Could be ISO or Purpose-built), Custom Enclosure (Could be Walk-in),  “Field-Joined” Walk-In Enclosures (Could be E-House or M Buildings.)

Due to the modularity advantage MDC modules can be designed, prefabricated, and stacked or placed in suitable cubic configurations.



Customer Value
Scalable by Design
Concurrent Mfg
Predictive Schedule
Less Change Orders
Predictive Cost
Less On-Site Hours
Lower Safety Risk
ISO 9001:2015
Consistent Quality
Factory Built
Reduced onsite Waste
Back view of stacked Modular Data Centers

The traditional data storage infrastructure built with fixed configurations and limited maximum capacities is rapidly giving way to modular, reconfigurable prefabricated options.  PCX is an expert in modular configurations.  PCX specializes in mission critical modular data center support subsystem integration such as UPS systems, chillers, IT enclosures and backup power generation. FLX-MDC™ Modular Data Centers the right choice.

Modular & Sustainability

Key attributes of modular data center construction

  1. Less Materials Waste
  2. Less Material Exposure to Inclement Weather
  3. Less Site Disturbance
  4. Safer Construction
  5. Flexibility
  6. Adaptability
  7. Built to Code With Shorter Build Times