Flexible Solutions for Electrical Power Distribution

FLX-Power™ integrated switchboards, electric panels offer flexible electrical power distribution where floor space and installation time is critical. The UL Listed equipment is delivered in a single lineup ready for installation. Factory wired configurations offer stackable free standing front and rear panel alignment. Enclosures include transformers, and lighting contacts integrating electrical distribution and control in a compact design minimizing floor space. 


  • Construction cycle time reduction: Integrated switchboards are prewired and tested at the factory, enabling faster access to permanent power and less field labor requirements
  • Quality: UL Listed and meets or exceeds all UL requirements as an integrated switchboard
  • Factory commissioning: A factory-commissioned FLX-Power™ electrical power distribution system reduces field commissioning, resulting in a high level of system integrity
  • Contractor friendly: Clear labeling, ample working clearances and wide open conduit locations
  • Scalable: FLX-Power™ can be configured for any solution, large or small
  • Flexible: FLX-Power™ is designed to accept all major manufacturers’ products and is adaptable to site-specific designs
  • Sustainability: Reduces site waste, recycled materials and material handling efficiencies
FLX-Power™ Flexible Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems

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Features & Benefits:

One-Piece Delivery of UL Listed Equipment Ready for Installation
Cycle-Time Reduction with Concurrent Design and Build Schedule
Compact Design with Reduced Footprint
Contractor Friendly
  • Multiple section and rewiring logistics avoided
  • Footprint known in advance for planning and scheduling
  • Facilitates compact design and smaller footprint
  • Factory prebuilt and tested in an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing environment
  • Significantly reduces installation and commissioning time
    Concurrent manufacturing accelerates construction cycles
  • Scalable and configurable for small and large solutions
  • Designed to optimize space and functionality
  • Vendor neutrality creates best-in-class solutions
  • Arrives complete and fully tested for easier installation when needed
  • Upgrades and retrofits can be accomplished at any stage
  • Clear labeling and ample work clearances
  • Energy management components factory installed

Design Flexibility:

  • Electrical power distribution panels
  • Stacked lighting panels
  • Relay/Contactor/Remote controlled breakers
  • Energy management systems
  • Lighting and building management controls
  • Mounted and wired security, fire, phone and low voltage system solutions
  • Transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS)
  • Utility/Service entrance
  • Lighting panels
  • Equipment stacking
  • Up to 225 kVA transformer
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Low voltage fire, security, voice paging systems
  • Corner sections available
  • Back-to-back available