PCX Prefabricated Modular Data CenterFlexible, Prefabricated Modular Data Center Systems


PCX FLX-MDC™ Prefabricated Modular Data Centers include All-in-One Containers, Walk-in Enclosures, Skid Based systems or Multiple Function Modules designed for any environment.

Scalable Stackable Modules allow design flexibility for Information Technology (IT), Power, and Cooling, while reducing total cost of ownership ‘TCO’ with lower Capex and Opex. The modular scalable nature, and faster deployment allows rightsizing considerable savings from avoidance of overbuilding.

Mission critical applications include concern for the environment as well as ongoing improvements in energy efficiency and lowering of PUE. Designing power and cooling modules for a specified IT requirement is a value PCX has been providing for many years through various customer and supplier approaches. Modules may now include power distribution, racks, cabinets, rack-level cooling, humidification and de-humidification systems, fire detections, safety and security services as well as lighting, chillers, coolers, air exchangers, economizers, misters, condensers,  and seismic environment controllers.

PCX can provide a custom engineered data center enclosure or an ISO containerized configuration. Major corporations have outlined a new vision of utilizing offsite fabricated modular and/or containerized solutions to reduce engineering and construction time for new modular data centers.

Open your next data center faster.

  • Power Distribution

  • UPS Backup Power

  • Cooling & Chiller Packages

  • IT/Server Rack Enclosures

PCX’s modular data centers (MDC) will lower the total cost of ownership for your next data center because they are scalable by design, will accelerate your construction cycle and reduce your power usage effectiveness (PUE).

PCX specializes in mission critical modular data center support system integration such as UPS backup power systems, power distribution, chiller systems and IT server racks fully integrated and tested in either an engineered walk-in enclosure, skid-based format or an ISO container.

Why Modular Systems?

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Scalable by Design
  • Faster Deployment > Accelerated Construction
  • Lower PUE – Power Usage Effectiveness

Why PCX?

  • Turnkey Systems up to 1MW
  • Over 150 Systems Delivered
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality System

System Formats

  • Custom Walk-In Enclosures
  • Skid-Based Platforms
  • ISO Containers

As a leading provider of modular mission critical data centers with full equipment integration, PCX is creating a path for the world’s leading data center developers and operators to build for the future.

PCX system offerings and formats maximize performance and efficiency, reduce construction cost, and enable seamless scalable growth for the future. Our modular systems are designed to minimize complexity and increase reliability. Lead by a staff of experienced engineers committed to continuous improvement, the skilled PCX manufacturing team delivers optimized, UL certified solutions.

Understanding that customers need a sustainable, cost effective, competitive advantage, PCX employs a vendor agnostic approach in engineering design and the selection of equipment to provide the optimum equipment solution for every need.

With capabilities to coordinate projects from conceptual ideas and design, through modeling, full factory acceptance testing, and delivery coordination, PCX is your team for the long haul.


PCX understands that modular data center systems might also be shipped globally and by using ISO containers can satisfy the market’s key objectives of being both deployable and mobile. PCX also recognizes that delivery is mission critical.

While containerization has its advantages, it may not be suitable for every application. In some cases a container becomes too restrictive in effective design of complex power systems. Each project needs to be evaluated for design optimization during the concept phase.

Learn more about modular data centers and modular data center design from PCX, an industry leader in prebuilt electrical and mechanical solutions.