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Why PCX?

PCX is a leader in the offsite manufacturing of electrical and mechanical systems for Commercial Construction, Industrial/Utility and Modular Data Center markets. PCX was one of the early concept originators of offsite prefabricated electrical solutions. The primary strength of the company has always been the ability to engineer, integrate and fabricate complex electrical and mechanical systems into large custom enclosures or skid based systems. All projects are engineered and built in compliance with the NEC (National Electric Code) and UL Classifications, which results in a more rapid approval by the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Beginning with our initial discussions with you, and throughout new projects and/or facility expansions, we employ a creative approach to supporting your needs. PCX collaboratively aligns with you as a strategic partner, providing modular solutions that will enable your organization to mitigate risk and reduce overall costs through accelerated construction schedules.


All PCX systems are designed and built in our manufacturing facility located in Clayton, North Carolina approximately 20 minutes outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. All systems are U. L. classified and built to exacting quality standards driven by the customers’ specifications under the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015.

System Build

All PCX systems are shipped complete with instructions for offloading and installation. If the customer desires, PCX can provide on-site installation assistance including rigging supervision and building integration.

PCX strives to be installation friendly offering lifting lugs and in some cases integrated wheels to suit the construction site. We also provide templates and drawings for the installation contractors to use prior to final placement.

So, if your organization is looking for innovative solutions delivered by a team of professionals who are dedicated to Delivering Predictive Profitability®, PCX is ready to help.


PCX will operate and
conduct itself professionally
in accordance with the
highest ethical standards
and remains committed
to its employees,
customers, community, and

Strive for excellence and
continuous improvement.

PCX understands the
importance of safety
at all times and
recognizes that the
prevention of accidents
to people and property
is good business sense.

Innovation is mandatory in
today’s business climate.
PCX will do what it takes,
and do it right.

Believe and trust in
teamwork and open

Protect the environment …
pursue sustainability.