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What is typically included in a PCX Package?

The PCX Package includes all the electrical distribution equipment, backboards, receptacles, lights and switches that are required to form a complete electrical solution.


What does it mean to have a Factory Commissioned System?

PCX tests the equipment to the fullest extent wherever possible. This may include programming, network connectivity, and system operation.


Do I have to submit to the engineer on the PCX Package?

In many cases there is no submittal required to the engineering firm. PCX works closely with the site specific design of the consulting engineer to eliminate the requirement. However, submittal requirements are project specific.


How do I connect Utility Power?

The connection is really no different than a stick built installation. Connection can be from above, below or even from the rear. (Please refer to Plan View of the design to determine the exact location of conduits).


When can I call my inspector for my utility connection?

As soon as the EDC is in place many inspectors will approve the PCX unit for permanent power. A watertight lockable electrical room with service entrance and distribution panels is installed and ready.


Where do I connect my loads to in the EDC?

It is best to connect either from above or below as close to the panel feeding the load as possible. If entering from above it is imperative that you enter the wire way as close as possible to the panel that is serving the load or risk violating the 30 conductor rule as stated in the NEC 376.22.


Why go offsite?

It’s simple. If you are looking for a reduction in cycle time, field labor and site waste, an offsite fabricated solution from PCX is the way to go. We are committed to providing consistent quality that’s U.L. Classified.


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Here’s How PCX Can Optimize Your Project:

  • Cycle Time Reduction via Concurrent Manufacturing
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • BIM Implementation (PDF)
  • Reduction in Site Labor
  • Improved Safety by Eliminating or Reducing Field Labor Hours
  • Overall Reduction in Site Waste as Well as Site Disturbances
  • Factory Commissioned Systems (Programming, Connectivity etc.) Ensure Fewer Defects or Delays
  • Reduced Change Orders Due to Concurrent Construction
  • Predictive Costs and Predictive Schedule

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