Modular Data Centers from PCX

PCX's Modular Data Centers are fully integrated systems of optimally designed, mission critical infrastructure


Power Distribution

Backup Power


Fire Suppression


Physical Security

Network MPOE

Site Installation & Service

A modular data center is an all-in-one solution that offers everything you need with the exception of the IT infrastructure. Install your IT systems and you're ready to go.

Why Go Modular?


Speed time to deployment with systems that are fully engineered, integrated, and tested prior to delivery. Prefabricated solutions mitigate risks and construction delays to keep pace with business demand.


Need to scale? Minimize stranded capacity by only investing in the infrastructure you need now. When you're ready, add more modular units that maintain uniformity of design and serviceability.

Construction Efficiency by Design

Modular data centers integrate all components into an optimal footprint and deliver the solution in 30% less time than a traditional approach.

Benefits of Partnering with PCX for Modular Data Centers

30+ Years of Experience

PCX was founded in 1992 as a modular electrical systems manufacturer, which sets us apart from electrical contractors building off-site in a warehouse. Since 2004 PCX has delivered several hundred modular data centers to OEM's, universities, healthcare and large hyperscale customers throughout the United States.

Tailored Offerings

PCX's standard product offerings can be tailored to meet your specific application, or for unique requirements a bespoke solution can be designed. Being vendor-agnostic enables PCX to utilize your preferred suppliers.

Industry Leading Quality

PCX has earned a reputation for unmatched quality in every process step, from design engineering to site installation. PCX is ISO9001 certified, utilizes processes built on Advanced Product Quality Planning principles, and provides UL certifications for our products.

Collaborative Partnership

We work closely with your team from Day 1 as we learn about your needs and continue to do so throughout the process until we ensure you're totally satisfied with the final product. We're responsive to our customers' budgetary constraints, special requests and changes that may arise during a project.

Industry Solutions by PCX

PCX edge applications bring computing closer to where data is created

Edge Applications

Modular data centers bring computing closer to the Edge to power a variety of applications where data is created.



Modular data centers (FLX-MDC) enable Internet of Things applications for manufacturers and product distribution for large retailers.



The digitization of health care and HIPAA regulations are driving insurance companies, hospitals, and other medical facilities to manage increasing amounts of data. A compact data storage solution can be a cost-effective alternative to third-party providers.


Higher Education

High performance computing for university research lend themselves to modular data centers, because their unique requirements are not easily addressed in the university's centralized data center.


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