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The electric power industry provides a vital service to our economy, and its importance and value to our security and way of life cannot be overstated. With the recent advances in renewable power sources like wind and solar, smart grid technology, and microgrid solutions, the energy market has never seen so much change. It now exceeds $300 billion employing over 400K workers providing reliable power for our cities, communities, homes, industries, medical, communications, and infrastructure. PCX has been building custom skid based and enclosed electrical systems to accelerate deployment schedules for over 25 years.

It was only natural that the PCX value proposition of integrating electrical equipment in prefabricated modular form factors would provide a critical contribution to industrial companies and the expansion of services by utilities. PCX solutions are found in industrial applications involving automation, control, communications, monitoring, metering, drives, generators, controls and electrical distribution. Our utility business has gown from renewable power platforms and power equipment centers to integrated Distributed Energy Resource Systems.

PCX Corporation engineers and manufacturers reliable electrical distribution centers, power equipment centers, motor control centers, and custom enclosures including the integration of complex electrical and mechanical equipment to support the myriad of applications for the industrial/utility sectors.

Offerings support alternative and renewable power technologies such as distributed energy resources, commercial, and utility solar, wind, hydroelectric, utility switchboards, and combined heat power solutions as well as energy storage and microgrids. All centers (houses) are designed for the most demanding applications where durability, weather ability, and structural integrity are paramount. All PCX electrical power distribution systems are engineered to meet requisite U.L. requirements and are fabricated to customer approved specifications, resulting in predictive costs and scheduling.

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PCX custom electrical enclosures can range in size from a minimum space to 65 feet by 16 feet power equipment centers.

Key elements that are impacting the way industrial and utility facilities are designed and delivered are:

Solar Power Distribution

Skid mounted or custom enclosures to house inverter and required switchgear.

Green Power Initiatives

Hot water reclaim, landfill off gas conversion and other newly developed solutions require complex designs that are difficult, if not impossible to deliver in scale. An offsite-built solution allows for a more identifiable scope to provide to installing contractors.

Hydroelectric Power Distribution

Building integrated electrical power distribution solutions that minimize environmental disturbances while accelerating the construction build cycle can be key to a project’s success.


Similar to hydro except the control and operation voltages are higher.

Smart Grid Systems

Improvements in distribution substations require smart relaying and monitoring systems to be housed on site.

Power Generation Upgrades

Power systems to enable additional combustion treatment is being mandated by clean air initiatives.

Petrochem and Pharmaceutical Expansions

Power equipment centers accelerate the time to market for new products and new drug treatment.

Prefabricated custom walk-in enclosures can facilitate complex factory commissioned solutions, reduced space requirements, accelerated project schedules and reduced downtime because their construction is not weather dependent. In addition, the systems can be designed and built with customer-specified, multiple vendor solutions to meet the stringent corrosive environments typical of water/waste water facilities.

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