What Are Modular Skids?

Modular skids are prefabricated systems that contain mission critical data center infrastructure on a steel frame. Most commonly utilized for electrical gear, skids can house mechanical cooling equipment, and even IT whitespace modules.

Why Use Modular Skids?

Increasing Demand for Data Center Capacity

Hyperscalers and large colocation providers require solutions that enable them to scale quickly in large increments of capacity.

Efficient Deployment

Large data center projects involve the difficulty of coordinating many trades in a fixed space. Skids are integrated and tested before arrival on site, greatly reducing the amount of labor and coordination required to install them.

Benefits of Partnering with PCX for Modular Skids

Innovative Solutions

The PCX experience with mission critical systems has led to a transportation process that eliminates the risk of moisture contamination and removes days from the process of placing and installing electrical skids

Flexibility through Vertical Integration

PCX employees are responsible for every aspect of the engineering and build process, all the way through testing and shipment. This translates to increased flexibility and minimal delays should a change be required mid-project.

Vendor Agnosticism

PCX can utilize your preferred suppliers, but we are not bound to any supplier. We can select and source equipment to optimize to your requirements, whether they be reliability, cost, availability, serviceability, or all of the above.

Application Specific Design

PCX's ability to contain the production impact of design changes, and even be able to pivot to another OEM due to supply chain issues, maximizes flexibility even when on an aggressive schedule.


PCX prioritizes safety in our processes and empowers our customers to avoid safety risks in their facilities. Promote safety with a quality product that is pretested and requires minimal on-site work during installation.


The Complete Guide to Modular Data Center Solutions e-book cover


The Complete Guide to Modular Data Center Solutions

The world today runs on data—it is estimated that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day, and IDC predicts that worldwide data production will amount to 175 zettabytes by 2025.

The Complete Guide to Modular Colocation Data Centers


Complete Guide to Modular Colocation Data Centers

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