Markets Served

Serving Markets Around the World With Customized Prefabricated Modular Solutions

PCX Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems are long established in Commercial Construction, Industrial/Utility, and Modular Data Center global markets.

Serving many industries and global clients for over two decades, has provided a depth of experience and capability that defines PCX value. Our resolve and ability to adapt quickly with creative new Prefabricated Electrical Power Distribution Systems has allowed PCX to grow with the organic market and remains the foundation for long term repeat business. PCX customer centric strategy is geared to insuring our customers meet their planned growth projections delivering predictive profitability. Custom prefabrication modules support our best of breed equipment and “right resources” philosophy. The expanding opportunities for sustainable electrical and power distribution applications have never been greater from commercial construction to “mission critical” data centers and renewable energy applications.

All PCX solutions offer the customer predictive cost and predictive scheduling and reduce the risks associated with “onsite” construction. See below for the markets we serve…

Modular Data Centers

Traditionally, data center structures were constructed from brick and mortar (“stick built”). Over the years, continuous enhancements in technology increased the speed of data analysis, and improved working knowledge to a higher order of synthesis. New understanding brought unquestionable actionable knowledge to enterprises and clients willing and able to afford investment in new products and services.

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Commercial Construction

The Commercial Market involves the sale of products and services to end users and public and private companies, but does not include the government, manufacturers, distributors or OEMs. In aggregate it includes big-box stores, supercenters, large retail chains, mixed use, retail centers, department stores, malls, grocery, dry goods, retail stores, hospitality, restaurants, airports, Travel Plazas, University Dining Halls, Fitness Centers and Hotels.

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PCX Corporation solves field install issues with electrical distribution centers, power equipment centers, motor control centers, and skid based solutions including the engineering and integration electrical and mechanical equipment to applications for the industrial/utility sectors.

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