PCX Value Proposition


PCX is a leader in the design and production of factory-built electrical and mechanical systems for the data center, commercial construction, and energy markets. PCX was the originator of prefabricated, modular electrical solutions that have replaced more traditional, stick-built solutions. The strength of the company is the ability to accelerate clients' construction schedules through the engineering, integration, and fabrication of complex systems that can be deployed indoors on steel skids, or outdoors in weather-tight enclosures.


  • Prefabricated modular solutions by PCX can be deployed 30% faster than traditional stick building on site.
  • The PCX process significantly reduces the need for on-site skilled labor, and UL certified solutions enable faster approval from the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).
  • PCX is ISO-9001 certified and employs Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) with a quality plan developed specifically for each project to ensure the highest quality outcomes.
  • Being vendor-agnostic, PCX is not beholden to any specific set of suppliers, which is helpful in mitigating any supply chain challenges that might occur.
  • PCX works collaboratively with clients as a strategic partner, tailoring its standard product offerings to meet any specific technical requirements.

Our Values

Value Statement
Value Statement

PCX will operate and conduct itself in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and remains committed to its Employees, Customers, Shareholders, and Community.

Mission Statement
Mission Statement

It is PCX's mission to be the leading integrator of engineered and pre-fabricated electrical mechanical systems for commercial, industrial, and data center construction. High value is delivered to customers through superior quality, outstanding service, and continuous improvement.

Quality Policy
Quality Policy

1. Meet the Customer Specifications
2. Deliver on Time
3. Continual Improvement to Reduce Cost

Overcome Modern Challenges

with Tailored Solutions from PCX

Icon-HelmetLabor Shortages

Skilled labor on job sites is scarce, and the situation is not expected to improve soon.  PCX has specialists on staff for the design, manufacture and testing of products before they leave the factory.  PCX finished systems require minimal labor and expertise to safely and correctly install and commission.

Icon-Timer-1Supply Chain Issues

Uncertain times  are also expected to persist in the supply chain.  As a vendor-agnostic systems integrator, PCX can accommodate components of multiple suppliers through flexible designs that optimize for cost and schedule requirements.  PCX also offers vendor managed inventory and pre-purchase options.

Let’s Get Started!

PCX strives to be provide a friction-free experience for customers.  We aim to deliver value end-to-end throughout the buyer's journey - initiating dialogue through market-relevant digital content, engaging with clients in collaboratively meeting their business needs, and then delighting them with high quality solutions and excellent customer service.

If your organization is looking for innovative solutions delivered by a team of professionals who are dedicated to Build the Future More Efficiently®, PCX is ready to help.

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