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All of us at PCX recognize that succeeding together is critical to our collective success. It is therefore our mission to provide you with the highest value through superior quality products, outstanding services and continual improvement. PCX offers engineering expertise and a wide range of technical testing solutions to ensure your facility has maximum uptime with the least amount of risk for you.

Arc Flash Studies

PCX can perform an arc flash study for your system – the scope of work includes gathering data from the local contractor and bill of material (BOM) for equipment being provided within your system. As a part of the study PCX provides the following:

  • All projects are engineered and built in compliance with the NEC (National Electric Code) and UL Classifications
  • The PCX process results in a more rapid approval by the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).
  • Beginning with our initial discussions with you, and throughout new projects and/or facility expansions, we employ a creative approach to supporting your needs.
  • PCX collaboratively aligns with you as a strategic partner providing modular solutions.
  • These methods will enable your organization to mitigate risk and reduce overall costs through accelerated construction schedules.

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Engineering Services

PCX uses innovative engineering techniques to save time, space and money. Our experienced engineering staff works to achieve maximum space utilization at a minimum cost. PCX utilizes AutoCAD 3D inventor® solid modeling software to offer a variety of solutions ranging from elevating your electrical rooms to alternative equipment arrangements. Our engineering staff has been successful in reducing the required electrical space by up to 25% over the original customer design. PCX also utilizes etap® software for power plan generation and RISA® software for connection and structural design.

PCX Engineering Services


Factory Witness Testing

Standard PCX Factory Witness Testing includes the Mechanical & Electrical Systems (MES), cabling, cooling, power, and fire systems to be thoroughly checked at PCX’s facility prior to shipment. FWT significantly reduces risk and insures that internal equipment is fully operational. Functional testing is broken down by system – based on the actual system components – testing is modified to optimally test the system – actual testing is based on an agreed upon test plan.

Factory Witness Testing

Ground Fault Protection Performance Testing

PCX can provide ground fault testing. The ground fault protection system shall be performance tested when first installed in accordance with NEC Article 230.95. The test shall be conducted in accordance with instructions that shall be provided with the equipment. A written record of this test shall be generated and made available to the authority having jurisdiction.

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Rigging, Set in Place

If the customer desires, PCX can provide on-site installation assistance including rigging supervision and building integration. PCX’s rigging and set in place service includes coordination of placing your unit at your location. Local crane riggers are coordinated for the delivery of your system and placed on-site at your location. A rigging diagram and system weights are provided for coordination, and once the system is set in place, a final inspection is performed by a PCX technician.

PCX strives to be installation friendly offering lifting lugs and in some cases integrated wheels to suit the construction site. We also provide templates and drawings for the installation contractors to use prior to final placement.

Installation Supervision

PCX provides an engineering technician to ensure your building is connected properly on-site. This service only includes supervision and does not include performing the physical work (SEE Site Work Installation). This option includes a PCX technician for a set amount of time on-site to ensure the building is enclosed properly and all connections are made per specifications.

Site Work Installation

PCX provides a team of trained technicians to ensure your building is connected properly on-site. These services include: bolting multiple sections together (if required), ensuring the enclosure is weathertight, sealing all exterior surfaces and performing a spray test, connecting all internal Mechanical and Electrical (MES) systems between building sections, and coordinating external connections as required. This option typically is for a set amount of time on-site for the PCX team of technicians.

Onsite Training

PCX provides two (4) hour on-site training sessions to review the systems components based on the customers site shift needs. Training includes a detailed IOM manual of all major pieces of equipment. Structural drawings and sealing requirements are also reviewed. Electrical system components and wiring diagrams are discussed including wire routing and code clearances. HVAC systems are reviewed including typical sequence of operations. Interlocks are reviewed (EPO and FSS).

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